LANGDALE PIKES FROM SIDE PIKE Left is Pike O’Stickle with the ‘Great Stone Shoot’ running down by it’s side. Much of the rock debris that forms this scree is made from the waste of the Neolithic Stone Axe Factories that some evidence suggests operated for thousands of years. It’s one of the most important prehistoric sites in Britain and axes sourced here were distributed widely around Europe. To the right is Gimmer Crag, one of my favourite rock climbing crags, topped by Loft Crag. The Border Collie, the traditional Lakeland sheepdog, posing in the foreground is a fraud. Never herded sheep in her life. But I love her anyway. For more info see my “A Year In The Life In The Langdale Valleys” and for walks “Walk The Langdales” Walk 11 ‘Langdale Pikes By Stickle Tarn’ .

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