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Bowfell’s Secret Hut Location

This is looking down Bowfell's Great Slab and the crag beyond is Bowfell Buttress. The secret hut is somewhere in this photograph. Sorry can't be more helpful at the moment.

Bowfell’s Secret Hut

This is the secret hut on Bowfell. Anybody know the location? I wonder what age it is?

A Quiet Day In The Duddon

Walked around by Frith Hall and the Lower Duddon a few days ago and saw no one! Summer in the Lake District.

Bill Birkett – Cicerone

BiographyLakeland native Bill Birkett is one of Britain's foremost mountain writers and photographers. A leading climber and hill walker, and a former civil engineer, he has spent a lifetime exploring the hills and wild places of the world. His breathtaking...

Women Climbing // Bill Peascod & Bill Birkett // Book Review

SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 BY ANNA FEDOROVA Anna Fedorova gives her review of Bill Birkett and Bill Peascod’s book Women Climbing, a 200-year history of female achievement: Bill Peascod and Bill Birkett bring the 200-year history of women climbing to life in their book.Women...

BBC Countryfile in Langdale – with “the Birkett’s”

Towards the end of January 2014 I was asked if I would like to take part in a BBC Countryfile Programme featuring the Langdale Valley and covering The Birkett's involvement  in rock climbing. Of course I was only too pleased to take part. Helen Skelton interviewed me...


Clockwise from top left: Bill with Helen Skelton in the Old Dungeon Ghyll looking at Jim's old climbing rope and some of Bill's books. | Bill greeting Helen at the top of of Scout Crag. | Jim Birkett using a shoulder belay at the top of Gimmer Crag sometime in the...

Visit from Mike Ward and the Neolithic axe factory

Mike Ward came over to the house and we talked about the Neolithic axe factory on Pike of Stickle. Seathwaite Tuff is a silica rich white volcanic rock that formed in a crater lake over a hundred million years ago. It appears as a two metre wide seam fifteen hundred...

Jim Birkett – Rock climber and quarryman

Jim Birkett was heralded as one of the greatest rock climbers of his generation and again one of the very first,  before the rise to prominence  of Don Whillans  and Joe Brown,  to enter the sport of ‘Gentleman’ as a local from a working class background. Jim was a...